AS Holding welcomed the members of the Development Bank of Austria at AS Holding Sarajevo office, arranging for the signing of the Agreement on Technical Assistance for Implementation and Certification according to ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018, the IFS standards for the plants to be activated in the upcoming period, and the EP program and the appeal mechanism for AC Food, an AS Holding member company.

The Agreement was signed by Sabine Geber and Michael Wancata, members of the Development Bank of Austria Executive Board and Rusmir Hrvic, Chairman of the AS Holding Board and Seval Delic, AC Food Director. Rusmir Hrvic pointed out that he is proud of the cooperation established with the Development Bank of Austria, which is being very strict when selecting business partners and the fact that they approved 18 projects last year and this year they have chosen AC Food supports that claim.

“We are very proud of our partnership with AS Holding and happy to support its expansion.

Our TA resources can be used to additionally endorse AS Holding in their development and further advancement and strengthening of ecological and social standards”, indicated Sabine Geber, member of the Executive Board of the Development Bank of Austria.

With the support of Raiffeisen Bank, TOP Consult d.o.o., consulting company from Croatia and TÜV Nord Group Croatia, certification company, and by using the approved funds, implementation and certification of standards in AC Food will be conducted by December 2019 and the entire project will be implemented in December 2021.

“This is just another sequence of activities related to the implementation of standards in member companies of AS Holding group holding over 30 certificates, 11 accredited and certified standards in the field of primary production, and the highest IFS requirements in different food industries. AC Food is the group member company holding HACCP, HALAL and IFS certificates, therefore the continued implementation of international standards would support the vision and commitment of the owner and top management in implementation of interests of all stakeholders and AC Food’s readiness to operate on challenging domestic, regional and EU markets”, reported Amela Semic, PhD, Project Leader from the AS Holding Directorate for Quality Assurance and Standardization.

During their visit to AS Holding, visitors had the opportunity to test new and innovative products by AC Food and to explore production facilities of the mill and confectionary company Klas.