Bosnian-Herzegovinian best swimmer Amina Kajtaz and the Oaza water have extended their sponsorship agreement, continuing the collaboration between our national swimming representative and this brand coming “from the heart of Bosnia”.

“This is the third year since we have started cooperating with Amina Kajtaz. Our most successful representative deserves our support and we sincerely hope that this sponsorship agreement will enable Amina to better prepare to achieve desired results. Amina Kajtaz and our ‘water which conquers’ work perfectly together, and we are very looking forward to continuing our cooperation”, said Armin Hrvic, Director of Oaza d.o.o. from Tesanj.

With the agreement being extended throughout the next year Amina has become spokesperson of both the functional water and homemade tea, the two new products by Oaza.

“As a swimmer, promoting water is something I was made to do. I am really fortunate that our small country has to offer, above all, quality products. I am also really proud that Oaza continued developing new products, resulting in introducing two new products, flavoured tea and functional water, in addition to water as the main product, which contribute to the strengthening of the immune system”, added Kajtaz.

Health and sports go hand in hand, and healthy lifestyle now includes three flavoured functional waters by Oaza: Vitality, Care and Immuno containing natural flavour taken from fruit extracts and tea, and having low energy level. Beside different water brands, Oaza has launched a homemade tea made by squeezing fresh herbs mixed with perfectly balanced blend of fruit flavours and tea. This homemade tea, low in sugar and containing all-natural fruit juice, intense and rich in flavour, is available in three combinations: cranberry and black tea, peach and rosehip tea, and a brilliant trio mix of lemon, chamomile and honey.

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