During the 1970’s, Klas was among the first producers of flour T-400, named Zlatni puder. There’s been over 45 years since then, and Zlatni puder has always been regarded as absolute leader in flour production. When a housewife doesn’t want to risk it and wants a perfect pie, bread or cake, she chooses Zlatni puder, the synonym of quality on many markets, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Sweden, USA, the Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia… 

Zlatni puder is produced along with other types of flour in the Klas mill. With the capacity of 450 tonnes of flour daily, this mill is fully automated and it is the biggest in south-east Europe. Thanks to new equipment, Klas mill is the Bosnian leader in producing bakery products.


We can offer the following flour types:

White wheat flour T-500 Ljubače (packed by 1, 2, 5, 25 kg);
White wheat flour T-500 Universal (packed by 5 and 25 kg) so called bread flour;
White wheat flour T-550 Ljubače;
Wheat flour T-710 and T-850 (packed by 5 and 25 kg);
Whole Grain wheat flour Ljubače (packed by 5 kg);
Ray flour Ljubače (packed by 5 kg);
Wheat semolina Ljubače (packed by 800 gr and 25 kg).

Jufka Sprind

From year to year Sprind phyllo dough passes on the tradition from generation to generation. Also, it’s getting many quality awards, one of which is the golden medal for phyllo dough quality at the International Fair of agriculture and food industry Gradačac.
Jufka Sprind is the guardian of traditional Bosnian cuisine that fits perfectly into the rush of everyday life and makes pie preparing into pleasure that brings the whole family together.
Besides phyllo dough for pie and baklava, you can find phyllo dough of corn flour, buckwheat flour and whole grain wheat flour.