Almost 40 years ago, technologists from Klas borrowed the recipe for cookies from Bosnian tradition so gourmands from all over the world could enjoy in original tea biscuits. Bosanski lokum, a special delicatesse made of the highest quality ingredients shows rich and unique history of Bosnia and Herzegovina – the mixture of the best Ottoman and Austrohungarian influence. According to folk tales, lokums were prepared only to the dearest people going on long and aleatory trips to remind them of home they’d left behind and to feel loved wherever they are. Over time, lokum became favourite treat all around the world, and Ltd. Klas Sarajevo is the only industrial producer of lokums made by the original oriental recipe.


Biscuits with orange jelly and chocolate topping – round biscuit with see-through fruit jelly covered with dark chocolate icing.

Fit biscuit

FIT is Klas digestive biscuit first produced in 2015, finalized after almost a year of developing its unique taste. This brand is completely produced by local experts.
FIT has four different tastes: oats, oats and nuts, chocolate chips, and cocoa and nuts.
It’s a healthy product with oats as the main ingredient, thus, it lowers cholesterol levels and prevents heart diseases. Oats are also the main source of diet fibers and one of the best sources of tokotrienol (sort of vitamin E). They contain vitamins B1, B5, folic acid, biotin, vitamin E, zink, magnesium, cuprum, iron and mangan.

Rahat lokum

In 2017 Ltd Klas Sarajevo developed another product – Rahat lokum (Turkish delight) in three different tastes: rose, walnuts and mix. This is completely Bosnian product, its recipe, ingredients, design and packaging.
Words “rahat lokum” are of Turkish origin meaning pleasure for throat. Rahat lokum arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina over 500 years ago and back then it was exclusively served to high-class families. It was wrapped in silk and brought to the court. Nowadays, it is part of a coffee-drinking ritual. Also it is common to serve your guests with rahat lokums or to give them as a gift to people you love.

Mak Zara

Mak Zara is the first manufacturer in Bosnia and Herzegovina for producing and selling chocolate praline and other products similar to Belgian praline.
Mak Zara is recognizable by pralines which are noticeable, not only by its taste, but also by its packaging carefully designed by our team. Some special pralines can be found only in our wooden box. True choco lovers know what we are talking about since these pralines are mixture of incredible tastes. There are different pralines, those with 51% and 70% of cocoa, with milk or white chocolate. That is the difference that can be seen from the outside. The explosion of taste is discovered upon biting, then you will find out if it is praline with forest fruits, caramel nuts, cheesecake, pistachio, caramel, vanilla, menta…

Master Petit

Master Petit Biscuits is one of the first categories that AS started producing. It is produced in two varieties: regular and diet. The best selling product within this category is crushed biscuits packed by 300 g. From year to year its selling rates are rising. Master busicit – master of good taste!

Kent napolitanka

Kent napolitanka is ideal combination of wafl and cream. Since 2018 it’s been produced by improved recepture and wrapped in new packaging. Kent napolitanka has two varieties, chocolate and non-chocolate. We are planning to develop new products within this category aimed at all ages and customer’s needs. Kent – irresistible taste that you can afford yourself.

Kent Tea biscuits

Tea biscuits are wide category of Kent brands that are produced in two lines: regular and diet, or choco and non-chocolate type. Its complete redesign happened in 2018, since when its sales are constantly growing. Tasty homemade biscuits are ideal for all occasions, whether it is morning coffee, picnic, or free times with friends. Kent – irresistible taste that you can afford yourself.

Master rolls

Master rolls are one of the first categories produced by AS, and nowadays it is produced in two varieties: chocolate and non-chocolate. It is one of the leading categories whose sales are increasing from year to year. The perfect combination of soft biscuit and fruit filling leaves no one indifferent. Master busicit – master of good taste!