With games, music therapy, coloring books and award games, most popular local cream spread MAZA, began last week with the realization of the educational and socially beneficial project in 32 kindergartens across Bosnia and Herzegovina. Last week, the workshop was held at the Public Institution for the Protection of Children and Youth Pazarić, during which a quarterly stock of MAZA was donated. Learning through games and songs, and the donation of MAZA was also organized in Banja Luka at the Maslačak kindergarten.

“We play, learn and socialize with these wonderful children, and at the end we top it all off with MAZA and pancakes, with valuable gifts. This is one wonerful experience. The little ones received MAZA coloring books and coloring penciles, so they gave their contribution to the realization of the project at interactive coloring and drawing workshops. We are especially pleased that we have been given the opportunity to play and socialize with children with disabilities. In doing so, we use the methodology of music therapy, which has been successfully applied to the activation and inclusion of children with disabilities. We would like to thank all kindergartens for their engagement in the realization of this project and we hope that this way we will encourage others to do similar activities” Ismar Borčak said, brand manager for Maza at AC Food Company.

The project includes kindergartens in Sarajevo, Zenica, Banja Luka, Mostar, Bijeljina, Prijedor, Konjic, Pazarić and Tuzla.

MAZA is a premium hazelnut cream spread, with innovative and quality ingredients, containing a high percentage of hazelnuts, less sugar and no palm oil.