Local stores are now supplied with a new product on their shelves as the leading food industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina Klas d.d. prepared a surprise for their consumers. Milk Roll 6, the best-selling Bosnian-Herzegovinian product in the industrial cake line of Klas d.d. Sarajevo is now wrapped in a newly designed single packaging. The distinguishing standard quality combined with the attractive design have added to the value of the roll and the entire Sarko brand. “We have preserved freshness and distinctive taste of each Sarko Milk Roll 6 and it is still the most popular food item in every household. The redesigned and practical packaging of your favourite roll will enable you to fully enjoy each bite, anywhere and anytime”, Klas reported.

The most important thing is that the redesigned and practical Sarko Milk Roll 6 has retained the same quality and taste and is now available on the market across Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarko is one of the longstanding products on the Bosnian-Herzegovinian market, and has been launched by establishing the confectionary products line in Klass d.d. since 1972. At that time the first line for making confectionary products was installed in the same plant. “Sarko – slatko” bas been used as a slogan since and has been connecting generations of the Klas consumers.