Rusmir Hrvic, CEO of the AS Holding Board, participated in the panel discussion at the EBRD agribusiness conference titled “Consumer Rules Summit” that was taking place from 30 September to 1 October in Belgrade.

The Conference was addressing global trends in the agribusiness industry, FMCG, retail and distribution, which gathered the most prominent experts and distinguished regional managers in these sectors such as Zsuzsanna Hargitai, EBRD Regional Director for the Western Balkans, Miljan Zdrale, Head of EBRD Agribusiness for Central and Eastern Europe, Andrej Jovanovic from Moji Brendovi, Emil Tedeschi (Atlantic Group), Miodrag Kostic (MK Group), Tomislav Cizmic (Mercator Group), etc.

Discussing the development, Hrvic indicated that our region provides great opportunities in general, especially when it comes to achieving stability, understanding and cooperation. He also added that we all need to to step outside our comfort zone, take risks and start creating trends. “The strategy for being successful is to create trends and be two to four years ahead of others from the perspective of innovative products generating profits necessary for further development. Not leaving your comfort zone is very risky in the long run, and that means not taking risks in terms of developments and expecting the developments take place”, said Hrvic.

Consumers Rules Summit is a unique platform for networking, discussion and exchange of ideas based on experiences and best practices. In the course of two days, this event bought together over 30 top speakers and 150 participants, including representatives of leading companies in agribusiness, retail and distribution, as well as the broader FMCG industry, coming from the EU, South-East Europe, Middle East, Africa and Turkey.

The summit focused on consumer spending, which drives nearly 60% of world GDP, and is an engine for economic activity. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming entire systems of production, distribution, and consumption providing both opportunities for value-creation through technologies. The leading regional speakers spoke about preconditions necessary to create environment favorable for investments, where access to funding opportunities, predictable policies and stable business environment are fundamental for further development.