Research and development

New technologies

Innovations in food production technology will transform complete nutrition technology. Without flexible food production machines, sophisticated in-line quality control and efficient zero-waste production lines, it is impossible to have competitive production and good products on the market. AS Holding has already built a platform for embedded strategy and innovation in food production, motivating employees for new ideas and application of new technologies.

Innovation Days, Innovation Challenges and Innovation Web Platform are part of our regular activities.

New Ingredients

Functional ingredients are used in our best nutritional products. Products rich in herbal fiber, special combinations of vitamins and minerals, healthy oils and carefully selected seeds, grains and hazelnuts, make our products nutritive more valuable and healthier.

By using controlled local ingredients in our products, we participate in the complete cycle of product creation.

AS Holding is proud of its innovative products that combine functional ingredients that so far used to be incompatible.

New Innovative Products


Klas Fit Biscuits, Oaza Functional Water, Oaza Homemade teas, Hazelnut Maza Spread are just some of the innovative products that are at the top of functional and innovative products in South East Europe.