CEO of AS Group and Director of AS Holding.

He graduated at Sarajevo University at the faculty of Economics. His first work experience was in independent trade shop AS. He’s worked in AS company since 1995, and after his graduation he was named the vice-Director of AS Company. At the beginning of December 2010, he succeeds in the acquisition of Vispak company, thus making AS Group the major shareholder. In February  of 2014, he successfully leads the acquisition of Klas. On the 1st Jan 2017, he was named CEO of newly formed AS Holding.

Where do you feel your best?

In my birth town, Tešanj.

What item best describes you?

Why a steering wheel?

If you are determined to drive in one direction towards your aim, there is nothing that can turn you off road.

Rusmir Hrvić

Chairman of the Board

He gained his degree of Mechanical engineer at the University of Sarajevo. He started working in AS Holding in 2017 as AS Holding COO. He has spent most of his career as a manager in various Bosnian and regional companies. He is highly skilled in specific practical and theoretical sales techniques, logistics, retail sales and human resources management. He is also an active member of the Chamber of Economy of Sarajevo Canton and a member of several supervising organs in different organisations.

Where do you feel your best?

At home.

What item best describes you?

Why an clock and time?

“If you do not respect yourself, you will not respect your time. If you don’t respect your time, you won’t be able to achieve anything with it.” – Scot M. Pek

Neven Hadžisulejmanović

Member of the Board

An IT engineer by profession who finished his schooling in Tomislavgad and Belgrade. He cooperated with famous international brands on the development of their regional business strategies. He is specialized in following areas: branding and identity, branding management and strategies, development and research, optimizing the production, developing new production concepts, developing innovation system, marketing strategies, human resources. He has significant practical experience in implementing project management methodology in complex systems. Moreover, he has successfully developed new regional brands and products until they have gained leading positions.


Where do you feel your best?


What item best describes you?

Why a seed?

It can be turned into anything, crafted to the tiniest details, and changed into biggest concepts.

Edo Numić

Marketing Director

She holds a PhD in Agriculture and works as a University Professor. Also, she is an internal audit and quality assurance manager.  Implementation, consulting, monitoring and control of integrated system/standard of company management; organization, testing the functioning of all business areas and production processes, verifying compliance with the procedures and laws, business risks management consultant, assessment and initiation of measures according to the laws of regulation (standards, laws, regulations, norms), implementing the standards. She is a member of the Board of several organizations.

Where do you feel your best?

In nature.

What item best describes you?

Why a green rock?

“It’s the search for the lost emerald.”

Amela Semić

Internal Audit and Quality Assurance Manage

She has rich experience in cooperation with people and organizations gained through fifteen-year-long work experience. After starting in marketing industry and then moving to HR, she focused on developing and improving educational programs and methods of work. She is specialized in typology analysis and profiling the employees. She uses her experience and knowledge to help personal development of employees. Her focus is on successful communication and assertive behaviour, teamwork and motivation of the employees. She became a teacher of pedagogy at the Philosophical Faculty of Sarajevo, where she earned he MA degree in scientific psychology and medical pedagogy.

Where do you feel your best?

Surrounded by people full with positive energy.

What item best describes you?

Why a watch?

Time is the most important resource and the only thing that can’t be returned or bought. A wrist watch is a personal reminder that discreetly tells me when/where my next move should be.

Emira Duratbegović

Human Resources Director

Gained his MA degree in Sarajevo at Faculty of Transport and Trafficking. Employed in AS Holding since 2016 as the IT Director. He started his career as an application engineer in Ltd. Klas. He has experience in implementing and integrating eRP system and leading projects in big systems.

What do you want to know the most?

Who killed the Dead See?

What item best describes you?

The best skiers are made on the hardest ski slopes.

Semir Hrvić

IT Director

He finished his education in Sarajevo and became the Master of Laws. He worked in Energoinvest Sarajevo as a legal consultant and realised number of local and international projects. Besides, he has had contact with all legal business related to contract making. He worked as chief of director cabinet in Energoinvest Sarajevo. Moreover, he was a manager of Energokomerc sector within this company.

What do you most want to know?

Where does this road lead?

What item best describes you?

Why a mirror?

By describing others, people mainly speak of themselves.

Esad Pelidija

Director of corporate Legal Affairs and General Secretary

He graduated at Sarajevo University at the faculty of Economics, specialised as accountant and revisior. He is currently working on his master’s thesis on “The role of controlling in business decision making.” In 2014 he was employed on the University on the subjects Accounting and Financial Accounting. His first work experience was in Klas as an economist and an accountant. He has been the director of Klass-Con Sarajevo since 2017. Also, he has significant experience in implementing RP and controlling on companies: Klas, Solana and Zim.

Where do you feel your best?

In a village where I was born.

What item best describes you?

Why a heart?

Never underestimate the heart of a champion.

Edis Boloban

Director of Accounting and Financial Control