The quality of our products is controlled by the entire teams because we want the maximum satisfaction of our customers. A quality product is our main focus, therefore, we are constantly developing and improving our quality management system.


Our global potential is rich cultural heritage and a wide variety of products’ flavours.We cherish Bosnian tradition and wrap it modernly.


We continually and systematically innovate our products while investing in our employees’ education so that they can offer different points of view on development of our company and our brands.



Our beginning is tied to AS Jelah company which was started in 1988 as an independent trade shop and then, in 1995, the start-up business grew into a private company.

In 2016, we founded AS Holding, with the development of an umbrella company with effective corporate governance mechanisms applicable to 16 members.

In 2018, AS Holding has its best results. While developing and investing, we kept former customers and attracted new ones. Moreover, we spread our production capacities, gained new markets, applied the latest technologies and increased number of employees.

Our wish is to become a supporter of Bosnian economy while becoming one of the biggest business systems in our region, which we try to implement through strengthening our brands, producing new vacancies and developing new products.
We create roads of success by exchanging knowledge, ideas and services in all business spheres while building on the rich experience, dedication and high moral standards of our employees and maximizing synergy effects of system members team work.

Under our “roof” are 16 Bosnian companies whose brands are highly positioned and well known to consumers in Bosnia  and Herzegovina but also in Europe and the world. Zlatna džezva, Oaza, Tops, Zlatni puder and Tuzlanska so are just some of our 2000 products. For several years in a row our company is listed as one of the most successful companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We employ over 4500 people in all companies with tendencies of growth in every segment of our business branches: food, trade and clothing.