In wide range of Sprind’s products there are traditional cakes in sweet syrup, prepared according to the recipes preserved from the old days.

 These cakes are produced manually with great care, accompanied by traditional recipes, high quality raw materials and implementing standards in the manufacturing processes. This adds extra value and ensures consistency of the quality and taste of cakes.

Sprind’s assortments includes: hurmašica, tulumba, mini tulumba, jabukovača, ružica, dried-plum pie, cherry pie, baklava and divit baklava.

Klas cakes

There are three important things in the process of making cakes: high quality ingredients, good recipe and lots of love.

Keeping this in mind, most of the cakes in Klas are produced manually with great care and lots of love, according to  the traditional recipe that our grandmothers nourished for centuries. Not a single ingredient of our traditional cakes hasn’t been changed for decades, while this authenticity and quality are the reason we are the best on the market.

In addition to traditional cakes, Klas produces dry and fresh cakes, which are also prepared manually according to the traditional recipes.

And yes, with lots, lots of love.