OAZA water

Ltd. Oaza was a company acquired by the AS Group in 2013, and since then has recorded constant progress in all fields. Oaza in its assortment has two categories: natural spring and natural mineral water in different packaging. The perfect mineral ratio, excellent physical  and chemical characteristics and ideal organoleptic make these products increasingly popular among consumers. OAZA – the water that wins!

Swity Juices

Swity Juices are natural juices with 50% or 100% fruit share in their composition. They are made without preservatives, artificial colors or additives. Our juices are produced according to the traditional recipe from natural fruit concentrates and fruit juices. Swity Juices are an ideal way to meet the daily needs of fruits and vitamins from the fruit.
Swity juices that contain 100% of fruits are produced without the addition of sugar, which allows you to feel the true natural taste of apples and oranges.

Oaza Functional Water

Functional water with natural fruit extract and natural flavor, vitamins and minerals are the market leader of premium class. Functional water contains vitamins and minerals. If you drink 0.5 liter of Functional Water Oaza Care, Immuno or Vitality, you’ve consumed 50% of daily vitamin and mineral requirements. The products are made to the most modern nutritional requirements.


Homemade tea, unlike the teas currently present on the market, are made by macerating tea leaves in the solution before adding the real fruit. Other competitive teas are mostly instant teas, made of artificial tea flavor stirred in water. Most teas in the market have more sugar than our Oaza teas.