Boris Brković

I first graduated at the Faculty of Traffic in Sarajevo as a student of the first generation of flight controllers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and then obtained a MBA degree at Roehampton University in London. After the decision to return to Bosnia and Herzegovina, I eagerly joined the Klas Team, positioned as the President of the Board, with the mission to spread love and joy of good food, keep the tradition through innovation and find the way to the consumer’s heart. Our common vision is that within the next two decades our products will be recognizable and accessible to consumers all over the world.



Elvir Kruško

I started my career at AS Jelah as a trainee in the Department of Legal Affairs, and continued as a lawyer and secretary of the company. As my knowledge and experience grew, I realized the importance of working ethics, developed business habits, and learned what responsibility and dedication to work was. At that time, the business was expanded to other companies where I worked as Head of Legal Department and Secretary of member companies operating under AS Holding (Oaza, Napredak and Vemal). I think that one of the reasons for our success, besides professional competencies, is a brilliant team ready and willing to support each other. I believe that I have plenty of room for progress and gaining new knowledge, and I am looking forward to the new tasks and goals that we will achieve in the coming period.

Kenan Huseinbašić

After completing my studies, I started working as an apprentice – technologist in a member company of AS Holding. With the support of professional mentors and colleagues, knowledge that I gained during my studies was rapidly upgrading, and after completing my internship, I got my first “real” contract. Shortly thereafter I was appointed as the Head of the Development Process. Continuous professional support from colleagues in AS Holding, gives me the motivation to constantly improve myself, and accomplish my proffesional goals through the objectives of the company.



Irma Huseinbašić

Shortly after graduating at Faculty of Economics I started my career in a book-keeping agency where I mastered basic business knowledge, skills and business communication. My work, knowledge and commitment was recognized by the company and as a result I was promoted to Director of Fortitudo Company. With certainity I can say that our company has an excellent, competent team and that we manage to accomplish our goals with joint forces. Being a member company of a corporation brings daily challenges but also provides a motivation for constantly delivering business success by practicing joint forces with our employees. 

Arijana Kekić

Through the acquired work experience, first in Klas, then in AS Holding I developed my communication skills, dedication to business, and learned to successfully set business goals. Being surrounded by a brilliant professional team gives me further encouragment and motivation for new achievements and further growth, both personal and professional. I consider it as one of the key factors for my personal development and development of the company as a whole. Since the first day in As Holding I was consumed by the company energy that aims to become a market leader. With commitment to work and innovations and with well-defined processes we managed to become exactly that.