Students can start their business career with us at our student practice. If you are focused on your professional future, here you have a chance to get from student internships through apprentice program to employment.

In order to be able to perform a student practice in one of our member companies, it is necessary to have a student status. The duration of the practice may range from 1 to 3 months.

Student practice can be done throughout the whole year, and the start of practice is adapted to the needs of both the student and the company.

We are looking for team members who will continue to make business success with us.


AS holding, as an employer, offers different opportunities for employment and career development.

After successful completion of the studies, the graduates are offered the opportunity to participate in the apprentice program, and then, depending on their performance, they would be offered the regular employment.

Young educated candidates without work experience can take advantage of the opportunity and apply for apprentice program. If you are selected through the selection process, you have the opportunity to have a direct contact with the job you want to do, and experience firsthand what it is to be part of a stable and successful team. Through the internship, new employees will be led by mentors who will transfer their experience and knowledge to their young colleagues.

The program provides insight into the specific processes within the company, depending on the workplace while offering participation in various projects. There are a variety of opportunities to start your business career with us and shape your professional future in a positive direction.

If you have completed your studies, good communication skills and an enterprising spirit, AS Group is the right place for you!

You can make the first step right now by logging in via the “Potential AS” link on our Career Portal. Walk with us into a successful future!


All candidates go through the selection process.

In the selection process, it is important to leave a good impression. Job interview is just one of the steps you have to go through on your way to your goal.

Some of the things you should not do is be late or leave your mobile phone on so it could start ringing.  

Write only the correct information in your CV. Never give inaccurate information since all given data can be easily checked. If you want to prepare for a good interview, you need to be well informed about the employer and try to make the conversation feel relaxed so you could show all your qualities. 

It is desirable to greet everyone nicely, shake hands firmly – if you do shake hands, and use appropriate language.  

When shaking hands, which is common at the beginning and end of the conversation, make sure the squeeze is firm enough to show your attitude, and not slight or overwhelmed since it sends a message of disinterest. It’s okay to use gestures, but make sure it’s not too much. 

Answer the questions specifically and clearly, be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and be ready to identify them and talk about them with the interviewer. 

Question about your weak sides is very common in the interview, so make sure you have your answer if this is the case. Nobody is perfect, and candidates who are aware of their flaws can work on them. 

No one should talk bad about former employers or other people, because that also says a lot about you. An employer might think that you would talk in the same way about him, regardless if you have the reason for such opinion. 

Try to avoid phrases, and certainly do not use jargon and curses.

It is desirable for you to get informed about the employer because it shows that you are interested. 

The most important thing is to believe in yourself and do your best to present yourself.